Source code for pykickstart.commands.iscsi

# Chris Lumens <>
# Peter Jones <>
# Copyright 2005, 2006, 2007 Red Hat, Inc.
# This copyrighted material is made available to anyone wishing to use, modify,
# copy, or redistribute it subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU
# General Public License v.2.  This program is distributed in the hope that it
# will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY expressed or implied, including the
# See the GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with
# this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51
# Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.  Any Red Hat
# trademarks that are incorporated in the source code or documentation are not
# subject to the GNU General Public License and may only be used or replicated
# with the express permission of Red Hat, Inc.
from pykickstart.version import FC6, F10, RHEL6, F17, versionToLongString
from pykickstart.base import BaseData, KickstartCommand
from pykickstart.options import KSOptionParser

[docs]class FC6_IscsiData(BaseData): removedKeywords = BaseData.removedKeywords removedAttrs = BaseData.removedAttrs def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): BaseData.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs) self.ipaddr = kwargs.get("ipaddr", "") self.port = kwargs.get("port", 3260) = kwargs.get("target", "") self.user = kwargs.get("user", None) self.password = kwargs.get("password", None) def _getArgsAsStr(self): retval = "" if retval += " --target=%s" % if self.ipaddr: retval += " --ipaddr=%s" % self.ipaddr if self.port != 3260: retval += " --port=%s" % self.port if self.user: retval += " --user=%s" % self.user if self.password: retval += " --password=%s" % self.password return retval def __str__(self): retval = BaseData.__str__(self) retval += "iscsi%s\n" % self._getArgsAsStr() return retval
[docs]class F10_IscsiData(FC6_IscsiData): removedKeywords = FC6_IscsiData.removedKeywords removedAttrs = FC6_IscsiData.removedAttrs def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): FC6_IscsiData.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs) self.user_in = kwargs.get("user_in", None) self.password_in = kwargs.get("password_in", None) def _getArgsAsStr(self): retval = FC6_IscsiData._getArgsAsStr(self) if self.user_in: retval += " --reverse-user=%s" % self.user_in if self.password_in: retval += " --reverse-password=%s" % self.password_in return retval
[docs]class RHEL6_IscsiData(F10_IscsiData): removedKeywords = F10_IscsiData.removedKeywords removedAttrs = F10_IscsiData.removedAttrs def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): F10_IscsiData.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs) self.iface = kwargs.get("iface", None) def _getArgsAsStr(self): retval = F10_IscsiData._getArgsAsStr(self) if self.iface: retval += " --iface=%s" % self.iface return retval
[docs]class F17_IscsiData(RHEL6_IscsiData): pass
[docs]class FC6_Iscsi(KickstartCommand): removedKeywords = KickstartCommand.removedKeywords removedAttrs = KickstartCommand.removedAttrs def __init__(self, writePriority=71, *args, **kwargs): KickstartCommand.__init__(self, writePriority, *args, **kwargs) self.op = self._getParser() self.iscsi = kwargs.get("iscsi", []) def __str__(self): retval = "" for iscsi in self.iscsi: retval += iscsi.__str__() return retval def _getParser(self): op = KSOptionParser(prog="iscsi", description=""" Specifies additional iSCSI storage to be attached during installation. If you use the iscsi parameter, you must also assign a name to the iSCSI node, using the iscsiname parameter. The iscsiname parameter must appear before the iscsi parameter in the kickstart file. We recommend that wherever possible you configure iSCSI storage in the system BIOS or firmware (iBFT for Intel systems) rather than use the iscsi parameter. Anaconda automatically detects and uses disks configured in BIOS or firmware and no special configuration is necessary in the kickstart file. If you must use the iscsi parameter, ensure that networking is activated at the beginning of the installation, and that the iscsi parameter appears in the kickstart file before you refer to iSCSI disks with parameters such as clearpart or ignoredisk.""", version=FC6) op.add_argument("--target", help="The target iqn.", version=FC6) op.add_argument("--ipaddr", required=True, version=FC6, help=""" The IP address of the target to connect to.""") op.add_argument("--port", version=FC6, type=int, help=""" The port number to connect to (default, --port=3260). """) op.add_argument("--user", version=FC6, help=""" The username required to authenticate with the target. """) op.add_argument("--password", version=FC6, help=""" The password that corresponds with the username specified for the target.""") return op
[docs] def parse(self, args): ns = self.op.parse_args(args=args, lineno=self.lineno) dd = self.dataClass() # pylint: disable=not-callable self.set_to_obj(ns, dd) dd.lineno = self.lineno return dd
[docs] def dataList(self): return self.iscsi
@property def dataClass(self): return self.handler.IscsiData
[docs]class F10_Iscsi(FC6_Iscsi): removedKeywords = FC6_Iscsi.removedKeywords removedAttrs = FC6_Iscsi.removedAttrs def _getParser(self): op = FC6_Iscsi._getParser(self) op.add_argument("--reverse-user", dest="user_in", version=F10, help=""" The username required to authenticate with the initiator from a target that uses reverse CHAP authentication.""") op.add_argument("--reverse-password", dest="password_in", version=F10, help=""" The password that corresponds with the username specified for the initiator.""") return op
[docs]class RHEL6_Iscsi(F10_Iscsi): removedKeywords = F10_Iscsi.removedKeywords removedAttrs = F10_Iscsi.removedAttrs def _getParser(self): op = F10_Iscsi._getParser(self) op.add_argument("--iface", version=RHEL6, help=""" Bind connection to specific network interface instead of using the default one determined by network layer. Once used, it must be specified for all iscsi commands. """) return op
[docs]class F17_Iscsi(RHEL6_Iscsi): def _getParser(self): op = super(F17_Iscsi, self)._getParser() for action in op._actions: # mark the fact that --iface is available since F17 # while RHEL6 is based on F12 if '--iface' in action.option_strings: = versionToLongString(RHEL6), versionToLongString(F17) ) return op